Nature refined

We wanted to sleep in the Reserve without a sleeping bag.

Naturally, we used locally available materials: bamboo and rocks. Our polished rooms will warmly host you, making you see firsthand nature’s high-end display.

Casa de la Piedra

A house we built on top a huge rock. And a bathroom right below it.

A room with a king size bed and a single bed. An extra bed can be accommodated (capacity 4 persons). These units have their own private bathroom with double showers and hand carved water basins. Our organic coffee will energize you in the morning.

Pisos Bajos

The guadua (giant bamboo) columns provide warmth and beauty for a good night’s sleep.

These cozy rooms have a king size bed and single bed (capacity 03 persons). Their bamboo structures frame the windows and doors that lead to the private decks outside.

  Pisos Altos

Bamboo warmth + view of the forest = Pisos Altos.

These ample rooms have king size bed and a single bed. An estra bed can be accommodated (capacity 4 persons). These units have a private deck with a view over our bamboo grove. The bathrooms have double showers and water basins. A corridor leads to the spacious balcony.


Pisos Bajos

  • Double Q622 / U$81 – Two adults and two children under 12 yrs, includes two breakfast and takes.
  • Single Q480 / U$63
  • Additional person Q124 / U$16

Pisos Altos and Casa de la Piedra

  • Double Q716 / U$93 – Two adults and two children under 12 yrs, includes two breakfast and takes.
  • Single Q555 / U$72
  • Additional person Q124 / U$16

These rates do not apply during holidays, Holy Week or the week of New Year’s Eve.